Quick Start

Manipulating the image

The WlzIIPViewer Context Menu

Pressing the right mouse button (<ctrl> + button on a single button mouse) brings up a context menu. (Items which are greyed out are not available.)

Measurement mode.

When measurement mode is on, a little box is displayed which shows distance. Click the mouse and a cyan cross will mark the start position. Move the mouse and click a second time to mark the end position. (If you move the mouse and pause briefly, the distance from the first point to the current mouse position is shown.)

About This Image Viewer
This viewer is used to display very large images on a web browser. Images are typically sections through a 3D reconstruction of an object (in Woolz format). The displayed image, which may be only a small part of the overall image, consists of rectangular tiles served by a WlzIIPServer.

The angles for Transverse, Sagittal and Frontal views depend upon the way the 3D object has been re-constructed and may vary from object to object.