Visible Orbit is a joint project of three academic institutions. Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Academic Medical Center and the Technical University Delft.

These institutions work together in order to make the rich collections of sections made by Koornneef, Los and de Haan available on the internet.

The sections will be registered in 3D space so that it is possible to create three-dimensional renderings.

Low resolution data will be available for everyone, for the high resolution data you need to sign a license agreement. This agreement basically allows you free use of the data with the only restriction that if you publish this material or research based on it, you need to cite a key-article (De Haan AB, Willekens B, Klooster J, Los AA, van Zwieten J, Botha CP, Spekreijse H, IJskes SG, Simonsz HJ. The prenatal development of the human orbit. Strabismus 2006;14:51-56.)

The initiators are:

  • H.J. Simonsz
  • S.G. IJskes
  • C.P. Botha
  • B. Willekens
  • H. Spekreijse