The orbits were fixed in 4% aqueous formaldehyde for several weeks, depending on their size, and were later stored in this medium. Following fixation, the orbits were decalcified in 5% nitric acid for several days. Prior to embedding, the preparation was placed in a mixture of ethanol and ether (1:1) for eight days. Embedding then took place in 5%, 10% and finally 30% Low Viscosity Nitrocellulose Gurr in ethanol-ether, (1:1). -30 days in 20% Low Viscosity Nitrocellulose (LVN) Gurr in ethanol-ether (1:1). This resulted in good penetration of LVN into the preparation. Next, the object was placed in 20% LVN for 24 hours in a glass vessel with a cover that did not completely close so that the LVN would become more concentrated.